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"Church of the Lutheran Confession" Documents

  • A Closer Look for Those who are Concerned  -- A trace of the historical background behind the spread of unionism within American Lutheranism and how this led to the formation of the CLC (See also "The Leprosy of Unionism") 
  • Means of Grace  --  A tract which shows from Scripture the importance of the Means of Grace. 
  • Old Testament His-Story  -- A simple history of the Children of Israel that is helpful in getting one acquainted with the Old Testament. 
  • Praise God the Holy Ghost --  A tract that shows how the Holy Ghost is one of the three Persons of God. It also clarifies what great blessings the Holy Ghost bestows upon believers. 
  • The Problem of the Isolated Believer  --  A booklet which is aided to instruct and comfort those who are isolated in the sense that they are a great distance away from a confessional church. 

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